EIS, Seed EIS and BPR investments in unquoted companies are typically high-risk investments and are normally only suitable as medium or long-term investments. These are complex products and are not suitable for all investors. It must also be noted that EIS and Seed EIS companies are ‘early stage businesses’ that are unlisted private companies. As such, there is no secondary market in these shares and there is a risk that investors may suffer capital losses of up to 100% and may be unable to sell their shares. Furthermore, there is a high probability that no dividends will ever be paid.

Investments in EIS, Seed EIS and BPR unquoted companies should therefore be viewed as investments suitable only for experienced, sophisticated, professional or high net worth investors. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of a particular EIS, Seed EIS or BPR unquoted investment or alternative investments in general, you should seek advice from your financial adviser.

Investment in an individual EIS, Seed EIS or BPR company represents investment in a single company. Although EIS, Seed EIS and BPR funds and portfolios invest in more than one company, smaller funds may invest in fewer companies resulting in higher risk. Similarly, investing in a single EIS, Seed EIS or BPR product may be more risky than spreading your investment over several investee companies.

Even when investing in a portfolio or fund of different EIS, Seed EIS and BPR companies to provide an investment spread, the underlying characteristics of the EIS, Seed EIS and BPR companies comprising the fund or portfolio will vary, meaning that some investment funds and investment portfolios will be riskier than others.

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