Platform One have recently launched our International Plus Offshore Service operating out of the Isle of Man, for financial advisers and clients from around the world who need to access a truly open architecture multi-currency platform.

Platform One offers a financially secure, online investment consolidation service with access to traditional, sophisticated and specialist products to meet the needs of your clients.

  • Retail and Clean Share Class OEICS
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Investment Trusts
  • Structured Products
  • Listed International Equities
  • Model Portfolio Uploader Facility
  • Offshore collectives including SICAVs
  • DFM options
  • Multi-Currency accepted
  • Adviser Fees paid in the same currency as the investment received
  • Multi-Currency Denominated assets


The good news is, we now operate from a stock broking back office, whereby we don’t have a fund list per se but a list of assets that have been bought and sold. Effectively any asset that is priced and can be listed to be bought and sold with liquidity can be added by the adviser through our online dealing site. So should you wish, clean share class fund can be added.

We offer a flat rate fee for most trade deals on Funds, Structured Products, International Equities, ETF’s, Investment Trusts and all trades are carried out online.

Additionally, we can accept US connected parties if the assets are through a Trust.

Furthermore, we don’t need to see the originals, we work from scanned documents.

On top of what we offer through our dealing site via our new fund administration team, through our own Portfolio Service, which sits in front of our offshore fund administration service, we offer the following:

  • Fund reporting tool that allows you to search the funds available through our International Plus Service, research funds by currency, yield, risk, performance. You can down load fund factsheets and KIID documents.
  • Provide Current and back dated values on all or some tax wrappers a client has with your company logo
  • Provide transaction history between 2 fixed periods with your company logo
  • Provide a Comparative Performance Report between two fixed periods with your company logo


  • Fund Research Centre
  • Online Trading Capability for Individual/Linked/BulkSell and Bulk Buy Orders
  • 24/7 Access to Valuations and Transaction History
  • Detailed Quarterly Client Report Produced
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exceptional Client Services
  • Online demo available
  • Ongoing help & training ensuring you get the best from Platform One

Our Online dealing site allows you to create:

  • Standard Trade Deal
  • Linked Deal
  • Bulk Sell
  • Bulk Sell All
  • Bulk Buy

All assets bought and sold are added to the Dealing Basket (like Amazon) from the basket you can verify the trades and then finally submit.

There will be a paper trail of the trades carried out, as well as the contract notes for you to access.

There are many documents that are available for an Adviser, the Pension Trust and client that can be accessed online through our dealing site, such as:

  • Deal Receipt – Option is available to create a deal receipt, once trades are submitted
  • Contract Note for a Fund
  • Contract Note for a Trading Account
  • Contract Note for EFT’s
  • Contract Note for an Equity
  • Detailed Quarterly Valuation
  • Backdated Valuation
  • Transaction History